Refund Policy

Our customer satisfaction is high, with over 95% returning for more orders. However, if something goes wrong, refer to our Refund Policy.

We aim for transparency in financial transactions between experts and customers. The company guarantees timely delivery of products according to the customer’s order requirements. If an expert fails to meet these commitments, customers may receive a full or partial refund as per our Refund Policy.


The website acts solely as a platform and is not involved in any contracts or services provided by experts to customers. The company does not monitor transactions between customers and experts.

Our Refund Policy ensures you can request reimbursement if the product delivered by the expert does not meet the requirements stated in your order. We specialize in legitimate academic assistance and strive for your complete satisfaction.

To ensure transparency, our policy outlines specific situations where refunds may be granted:

No Expert Assigned Yet

Sometimes, though rarely, no expert is assigned to your order. In such cases, you will receive a full refund of the amount paid.

Late Cancellation

If you cancel an order after an expert has been confirmed but before the work is submitted, the refund amount varies:

  • If the paper has not been uploaded, you may receive a refund ranging from 100% to 70%. This covers the efforts made by the company and the expert.
  • If the work has been completed, the case will be treated as a Disputed Claim. Our Quality Assurance department will assess the situation and determine the refund amount accordingly.

Late Delivery
If your order is delivered later than expected, we will compensate you appropriately with a refund. The exact amount will be discussed directly with you.

If the delay is because you didn’t provide necessary information for completing your order, we cannot offer a refund. To avoid this, it’s best to provide all required information, including any additional sources, when you place your order.
If your order is completed after the initial deadline but you still need to use the work, you may qualify for a partial refund.

Disputed Claims
If you’re not happy with your purchase and want a refund, our Quality Assurance Department will look into it. We’ll approve or deny your refund based on the investigation results. We always aim to make our customers happy, so we will do our best to treat you fairly and ensure you are satisfied.

Disputed Claims
If you’re not happy with your purchase and want a refund, our Quality Assurance Department will look into it. We’ll approve or deny your refund based on the investigation results. We always aim to make our customers happy, so we will do our best to treat you fairly and ensure you are satisfied.

Accidental Duplicate Order

If you accidentally place a duplicate order, please contact us right away. Let us know which order you don’t need, and we’ll process a full refund. If we don’t get a cancellation request before assigning an expert, the order will be treated as valid. You can still cancel it later, but different conditions may apply.

Two Invoices Received

If you receive two invoices for the same order, please notify us right away, especially if your balance hasn’t changed. Send us both receipts so we can resolve the issue and refund the extra charge. This is a rare occurrence, and customers are only billed for orders they pay for by mistake.

Content Originality
If you believe the product isn’t original, you need to provide a clear report with evidence from a reputable service. Without this proof, a refund won’t be possible.

You are not entitled to a refund if:

Personal Use of the Product

If you use the product for personal purposes or as part of another order on our website, at least 70% of the contract price must be paid. However, this amount may be adjusted based on the Quality Assurance Department’s investigation.

Lower Than Expected Grades

We do not guarantee high grades. Our website is a learning platform designed to help customers improve their educational levels with the help of education experts. Therefore, we cannot offer refunds for failed courses or similar claims. The expert’s role is to assist according to the order requirements, but customers are responsible for completing educational tasks independently.

Admission and Exam Outcomes

We do not guarantee admission to educational institutions or passing exams, tests, or quizzes. While we can provide educational materials and information, we oppose academic dishonesty. Thus, we do not offer products that customers can claim as their own or someone else’s work.

If we are unable to verify that the service was provided poorly, this includes cases where you bypassed our website, placed an order on a third-party platform, or inserted a URL to third-party resources that prevented our Quality Assurance Department from checking the completed work, or if you placed an order without complying with our website policies.

If the editing and proofreading order does not meet your expectations, it is your responsibility to provide experts with clear requirements and expectations for the order. Therefore, we are not liable for contextual errors or issues of content originality in materials provided by you to the expert. Refunds are not granted if the product delivery fails due to quality issues in editing or proofreading orders. Additionally, any attempt to use editing or rewriting orders as initial instructions and pressure experts to create new content will be considered malicious behavior.

The refund period extends for six months from the original transaction date. Refunds can be processed to the original payment method used for the purchase. If more than six months have passed since the transaction date, we regret that we cannot provide a refund.

Refund processing

Once you receive confirmation of your refund, the company typically processes it within 3 business days. Please note, however, that the company cannot be held responsible for any bank transfer fees, transfer anomalies, or delays caused by bank service issues.

Refund processing times depend on the payment date of your order and may sometimes encounter issues. Unfortunately, we have no control over this, as refunds are processed by independent payment card network processors with their own rules. Therefore, we cannot manage refunds in such cases.

Similarly, we cannot transfer a refund from one payment method to another (e.g., to a new credit card with a different company) for the same reason.


If a credit card chargeback (or similar action by another payment provider authorized by us) occurs regarding your purchase of our services, you agree that we may suspend access to any and all accounts you have with us. You are responsible for fees incurred due to chargebacks or other payment disputes initiated by you, your bank, or a payment provider. This includes any fees related to accounting or legal services required to address such disputes.

Expired account

If there has been no activity on your account on the website for more than 180 days from the last payment date, your account will be considered expired and will be deleted. This deletion will include all personal data processed by the company associated with your account or profile.

Deletion of an account

You can request to delete your account at any time by clicking the deactivate button in your account settings. Please note, there are no refunds for account deactivation.

Before your account is permanently deleted, there will be a 14-day period during which your account will appear as temporarily deactivated. This allows you time to decide if you want to reactivate your account. If there is any remaining balance in your account, please contact our Support Team within this 14-day period.

If we suspend or deactivate your account due to a policy breach, you understand and agree that no refunds or exchanges will be provided for unused services, account content, or any other associated items.

Account deletion is irreversible. If you later decide to resume ordering from us or need to access services that require an account, you will need to create a new account.

Payment services

We utilize third-party payment services to bill you through an online payments account instead of processing your credit/debit card information directly. Your paid balance is secure in your account, facilitated by an integrated iframe for checkouts through our partnered payment providers, ensuring experts are paid for each confirmed product. All transactions are securely processed as our payment partners use encryption protection. Please note, we do not store your payment information on our servers.

Data provided by you

You agree and understand that the billing information you provide for payment of services through the website, including your credit card information, is processed solely by our partners-payment providers. We do not collect, store, or otherwise handle your billing information.

You agree that the company is not liable for any failures of third parties to adequately protect such information. The processing of payments is subject to the terms, conditions, and privacy policies of our partners-payment providers, in addition to our own policies.

You acknowledge that we may change our partners-payment providers and may require them to transfer your information to other service providers that encrypt your information using Secure Socket Layer technology (SSL) or other comparable security technology.

Payments and taxes

Upon receiving payment from the customer, we will hold the payment and disburse it to the respective expert when the ordered product is ready, at the agreed-upon price. Customers and experts are responsible for all transaction fees related to the delivery and use of services through our website.

Registration as a user of the website is free. However, when paying for an order, the customer may be charged a service fee in addition to the order amount, payable to the company for using the website. This service fee is non-refundable, except in cases where the order evaluation is 0% (zero percent).

Both parties are responsible for paying all fees and applicable taxes associated with the delivery and use of services through our website. We charge experts a commission for our services. Failure of the expert to pay the required fees constitutes a material breach of this policy and our terms and conditions.


Payments made via our website are solely intended for the consumption and delivery of educational services between customers and experts. These payments may not be used for any fraudulent, criminal, or illegal activity as defined by law.

Authorship after a refund

If an order is canceled, the customer is prohibited from using any products provided prior to cancellation. According to our terms and conditions, we retain full ownership of products from canceled orders, and you do not have the right to use them. Additionally, the product will be uploaded to repository services, where it will be marked as 100% not original.

Changes to this policy

We will publish any changes or updates on our website and notify you of significant modifications via email or on our website. The latest version of this policy will always be available on our website.

Typically, we aim to provide advance notice before new terms take effect. However, in some cases, changes may need to be implemented immediately without prior notice.

Updated: June 10, 2024

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