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How We Hire Our


English proficiency test

Our applicants must demonstrate advanced English proficiency to meet US academic standards. They undergo a comprehensive 100-question language test, distinguishing them from amateur writers.

Major Discipline Test

Once we establish their proficiency in English, we gauge their knowledge across different subjects. Depending on their areas of expertise, aspiring writers may undergo one to three proficiency tests.

Trial Writing Task

Writers who reach this stage must complete a paper just like an order from a student. They also need to video record the entire process and give comments along the way—it's a special requirement for our selection process.

Background Check

After evaluating our candidates' skills, we confirm their credentials, ensuring they hold diplomas (BA, MA, PhD) in their field. We prioritize qualified professionals to handle your papers, ensuring top-quality results.

Performance Assessment

We assess tutors based on their qualifications, experience, and teaching methods. Our process ensures we match you with a knowledgeable and effective tutor tailored to your learning needs.


Only a small fraction, around 10%, of applicants progress to interviews. Prospective essay writers communicate with HR, a writing supervisor, and a mentor to demonstrate excellent soft skills and ability to work well with clients.

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Oisin O.

Oisin O.

Mathematics with Statistics and Operations Research (Masters) - Queen's, Belfast University

Deborah Quazzo

Deborah Quazzo

Qualified Teacher | IB Examiner | MSc Mechanical Engineering

Eliza C.

Kris Espiritu

USA Qualified English Teacher | MA English Language and Literature, PhD American Studies

Abigail Landgraf

Abigail Landgraf

Oxford University - Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Devin Dworak

Devin Dworak

IBDP Qualified Teacher | Examiner | MSc Applied Geophysics

Steve Van Horne

Steve Van Horne

Oxford University - PhD Neuroscience and Mental Health

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I want to hire an essay writer, how much will I pay?

Our pricing considers your academic level, paper complexity, page count, and urgency. Prices for a one-page high school essay start at $10.

Can you help me hire a particular writer?

Absolutely! Just provide us with the name or ID of your preferred writer, and we’ll make sure your essay is assigned to them. If your requested writer isn’t currently available, no need to fret. We have over 200+ experts spanning various disciplines online, ensuring we always find the best match to write your paper.

My writer did a great job, can I hire them again?

If you’ve collaborated with a writer before and want to work with them again, simply provide us with their ID. We’ll ensure your essay is assigned to your preferred specialist.

Where do your essay writers come from?

We carefully select essay writers from across the globe, maintaining high standards. Our team includes academic experts from the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Africa, each excelling in their field. Regardless of nationality, our writers deliver top-notch work. Please refrain from asking them personal questions, as all our authors, whether American, European, Asian, or African, perform equally well.

I have a complex discipline, can you help me hire a writer?

Absolutely! We’ve got you covered with our team of skilled writers who can handle a variety of topics across different subjects. Whether it’s physics, chemistry, math, or any other subject, we have the right experts to tackle even your toughest assignments.

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